Tori’s highlights playing women’s tackle football


Outside of her job as a multimedia journalist for the Detroit Lions, Tori stays close to the football field. In order to deepen her knowledge on the game even further, Tori plays cornerback for the Detroit Dark Angels in the WFA, the women’s full-pads, full-tackle football league that built players like former NFL coach, Dr. Jen Welter. This is a short compilation of highlights from her 2016 season.

5 thoughts on “Tori’s highlights playing women’s tackle football”

  1. Wow, You’re not only gifted with the mike, but on the field as well,, I just watched your highlight real.. great Job, I am going to have to go to a game or two, I didn’t even know we had WFA Team here in Detroit.. outstanding..


  2. Is there anything Tori can’t do? Started off by watching her 40 in heels at the Combine and then it was just one highlight after another!

  3. Is there anything Tori can’t do? First watched that 40 in heels at the combine, then one thing after another down to the women’s football highlights. A few minutes ago I only knew you as a name. Now I’m a fan!

  4. Tori, if I ever see you listed on the Lions injury report, I’ll know why. I also know why you now sound more knowledgeable about the game than your first year here. Cudos to you, young lady.

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