POPULAR SPEED: Some Drivers In Desperate Need Of a Date with Daytona Victory Lane

With this year’s Chase format, NASCAR Sprint Cup victories become more and more precious as the opportunities to earn them dwindle with every race, and victory lane real estate at the Coke Zero 400 is looking pretty valuable. This track plays to the strengths of a few drivers who excel at superspeedways, but in stark contrast, is also known for elevating some of the weaker ones with its unexpected nature.

While Daytona is always a prime chance for lower-tier teams to make waves with a win and a Chase berth,

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Post-Race Interviews at Citrus County Speedway Super Late Model 100

The Florida Sports Talk live race broadcast at Citrus County Speedway two weeks ago didn’t exactly go as planned. Technical difficulties at the track forced us to go off air early on, but fortunately, it takes more than that to get the Racin’ Nation crew down! We managed to squeeze in part of my front stretch interviews during the autograph session before we shut down our operation for the night, and it was a blast.

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Powell Memorial Race Broadcast on Florida Sports Talk

Saturday night, the Florida Sports Talk team broadcasted from the Powell Memorial at Volusia Speedway Park and despite the rain, the night was a success – both on the racing and broadcast fronts! Mark Whitener took home his first official Powell Memorial win and I clocked my first race as pit reporter for the NBC Sports Radio turn-by-turn team.

If you don’t know about the Powell Memorial already, it’s a late model race that commemorates the family of James Powell,

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2014 Association for Women in Sports Media Convention

Two years ago, the Association for Women in Sports Media gave me the opportunity to intern as a production assistant at the ESPN headquarters and to attend their 2012 convention in Chicago. Ever since that summer, my career will never be the same.

When I applied for the internship, I didn’t know much about the Association for Women in Sports Media, affectionately called AWSM (pronounced “awesome”) by its members for short.

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5 Takeaways from the Greatest Day in Racing

1) The red flag was the right choice

It was unprecedented in this race, yes, and defies typical tradition. But IndyCar found a phenomenal way to avoid ending under caution (as it unfortunately has the past 4 years) and still stick to their staunch belief that the Indy 500 should be ONLY 500 miles and nothing more. The decision to throw the red when Townsend Bell wrecked near the end of the race gave fans a thrilling final 9 laps,

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Officially a #UFGrad!

After 4 wonderful years, I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Telecommunication News on Saturday, May 3rd! I graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top 10 in my class and also completed the UF Honors Program in my time at Florida. I earned a minor in Communication Studies, an outside concentration in Sports Management, and a certificate in Meteorology and Climatology.

The past 4 years have been the best of my life and I am so thankful for all the memories made,

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Summa Cum Laude Application

TO: Student Evaluation Committee, College of Journalism and Communications University of Florida

FM: Tori Petry, Telecommunication, 83419831

RE: Evidence of Professional Competence

As evidence of my activities and professional competence for Highest Honors, I hereby submit the following information:

I. Letter of Nomination signed by Mark Leeps, Department of Telecommunication, Office Telephone: 352-294-1504

II. Professional Experience

  1. ESPN, Summer 2012, Internship in production.

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Pit Reporting at AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Cars in Ocala

Tori pit reported at the annual AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car races at Ocala’s Bubba Raceway Park this weekend for the second year in a row.

Thursday night, she interviewed fast qualifier and feature winner Brady Bacon as well as the heat race winners and the second and third place finishers, Dave Darland and Tracy Hines. She also provided social media updates from her Twitter account, @sportstori.

Friday was unfortunately rained out,

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Top 5 Things to Do During a NASCAR Rain Delay

The Daytona 500 was red-flagged just 38 laps in on Sunday thanks to heavy showers in the area that lasted all afternoon. In the six hours of rain delay, NASCAR drivers, fans, teams, and media had to find ways to fill the time. From repeat races to toy cars, here are the most entertaining ways they made the most of the bad weather.


1. Watch the replay of last year’s race on FOX thinking it is this year’s race

Faced with TV time to fill until the race resumed,

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BLOG: Having Faith

“God is faithful.” You’ve heard it a thousand times in songs, in sermons, blogs, and more. Maybe you’ve heard a pastor say at some point that you should write down your prayers so that months or years from now, you can go back and read them and see how they’ve been answered and be reminded how faithful God is.

But what happens when you don’t feel like God is faithful? I am one of those people who keep a “prayer journal.” For me,

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